Friday, 19 February 2016


"Art is not to show people who you are; it is to show people who they are."

Brian McDonald

Stories in any medium are a large part of our lives. We grow up with them. And never grow out of them. They help us understand each other, they teach us how to survive and why; they take us to fantastical worlds, they let us know we are not alone and they show us how to pull through difficult situations. They influence our lives more than we know. They fuel our dreams. And they inspire us to tell our own stories.

Crop from my comic.

Sometimes I get so immersed in one that I can't let it out of my hands until I finish it (this of course can mean books, comics, films, TV shows, games and even magazines). In turn, I want to be able to create the same kind of experience for others. I want to tell engaging, compelling stories.

And I want to do this through comics. This is a real challenge - there are many things that can make a good story, and many things that can also break one. And that's not even talking about the art aspect! But most of all I found that making comics requires a lot of commitment.

The path is full of obstacles and it's easy to veer off track - but that's not always a bad thing. A detour can also mean time spent learning, whether it's about your craft or life in general. And life experience is an absolute must in telling stories - it is one of the best ways to connect. 

I want to share here the process I'm going through with my comic, as well as everything I have learned so far, not only from others but also from my own past mistakes. And I hope all this can be of some use to you. But I will leave this, together with the introduction of my own comic, for the next post(s).

For now here's a little comic about the things I studied. Architecture (at university) and then the online courses that helped tremendously with my long format comic: Noah Bradley's Art Camp 1 and Storyteller's Summit at the Oatley Academy (formerly known as OA Live). If you are interested in art and storytelling courses I really recommend these.

Also, not in the mini comic, but recently I have enrolled in another comic making online course called Art in Relationship on Kadenze. It just started on 17th this month, and I'm very excited about it.

So what gets you excited about stories? Do you have your own stories that you'd like to share? Leave a comment and let's talk!